06 November 2013 – First Week!!

Hello World!

Disclaimer: This is just my general email for everyone, if you know of anyone else that would like to receive emails from me just let me know and send me their email address or you can forward the emails to them. Also this email is probably all over the place, we aren’t given much time and I didn’t really know what to write about so my formatting is awful. Please respond individually I would love to answer any questions that you have and I would love to hear what is going on in your life!! Have a great day!

It seems weird to me not really knowing what has been going on in the real world, but at the same time it seems kind of normal. I am doing great! The MTC food isn’t actually all that bad, like everyone warns you about (sorry that’s the first thing on my mind because I just finished lunch) I am not really sure what everyone wants to know about, but you should know that I am alive! and well! and having fun! The first couple days at the MTC were crazy! They just grab you from the sidewalk drop off (Thank you Mickelson’s for taking me!!!) and take you through a ton of unfamiliar places and give you some new stuff that you will need at your time here at the MTC. I felt like I was constantly being pushed and pulled to go here and there and do this and don’t do this. At the end of that first day I didn’t want to do anything but go straight to bed! After you finish all of orientation items they take you directly to your classroom and you begin learning right then and there. It was cray-cray. I was not expecting the rush of things, but in hindsight I guess I should have considering that they only give us 12 days to prepare ourselves to get in the field. I met my companion in my classroom, her name is Sister Gietz and she is from Gilbert, Arizona. We get along really well and we allow ourselves to get crazy sometimes and we love it! However we have struggled to become united in our teaching tactics our first couple of lessons. Luckily we were able to overcome our differences and helped each other to truly feel the spirit when we teach. Anyway I have loved getting to know her and I am so glad that we are companions, we compliment each other rather well. She is openly loving and friendly and I am ….. well not so much. So it is good to have her around when everyone else thinks I don’t like them because I don’t talk to them. We would always get lost if she were to lead us around 🙂 So at least I am directional, I have that going for me 🙂 I am working on not being so guarded because I know that if I open my heart and refrain from skepticism I will be able to love as Christ would. That is actually how I was able to feel the Holy Ghost so strong lately, by opening up my heart to Heavenly Father and letting Him in to change me. My companion, Sister Gietz has helped me to learn this.

The second day at the MTC was a little bit overwhelming too. We didn’t really know where we were going and we didn’t know what we needed to study and they gave us tons of personal study time (I involuntarily fell asleep during this study time) many of you know that it is quite typical of me to fall asleep in all settings. Anyway that evening we met with our Branch Presidency, our ecclesiastical leaders, the three couples live in the area and you could just tell that they loved us from the moment that we met them. That night my companion and I were chosen to be Sister Trainer Leaders, kind of like Zone leaders, but specifically for the Sister missionaries. I was not expecting that, and I hope that I may be able to help the sisters out in the best ways that I can, another great reason to work opening up and showing my love for others.
Friday we had gym time! I was so happy to get out and get some exercise, it is hard to sit in a classroom for more than 8 hours a day and it was so relaxing to relieve some anxiety by going to the gym. My companion and I also had our first teaching experience that day! It is set up through our instructors….I just realized I haven’t said anything about my instructors yet! They are Returned Missionaries that live in the area….heads up to Kody, you don’t have to go to BYU! I asked and they said that some of the teachers attend UVU too, but I don’t know if you have to be a student at either school, I think you just have to apply and live in the area which makes sense because we spend probably more than 12 hours a week with them in the classroom so they definitely would have to live close by. My teachers are awesome! They know how to keep me on task and to change my teaching tactics to invite the spirit and to trust and follow promptings that I may receive while in the moment. We have a lot of instruction time throughout the day, but we need it! I have also found that I don’t seem to have enough study time to thoroughly go through each preparatory lesson plan so I can feel prepared before going into each lesson. I expressed this concern to my teacher and she said that it is normal for me to feel overwhelmed, we will not have enough time to get everything perfect so we just need to recognize that, do our best, and let the rest go. That seems to be an underlying concept in the MTC, don’t try to be perfect, do your best and the Lord will fill in the rest. Its probably a good concept for life too. Oh, back to my first teaching experience, it was a roleplay through our instructor. He acts as an investigator, but the biography of his character is true, it is actually someone that he taught when he was on his mission. My companion and I did not know what to expect going into our first lesson, and it was a little bit discouraging. However it was only our third day in the MTC! Why should we feel failure? Didn’t we know that this was going to be hard? Like I said earlier, you shouldn’t expect perfection (especially just after three days) just learn from it and move on, become better than what you were.
As a missionary, you have no downtime, we are constantly memorizing, searching, praying, learning, and teaching. There is barely enough time to think about anything else! But, I love it. There aren’t really any other words to say about that, I just love it. So far we have taught two different investigators and their reasons for meeting with missionaries is completely different which is challenging for us as a companionship, but I know that if we do our best everything else will fall into place. I am running out of time, but if you have any specific questions just send me an email and I would love to answer you!
PS- Mom, why haven’t I heard from you yet? Also has Chase received his call yet???? I would like to know!!
Love Always,
       Sister Hadden
PPS- I would attach pictures, but the MTC computers are so restrictive that it is not working! But my next P-day I will be in the field (so I should be able to send something)!!! We travel to Ogden on the frontrunner at 6:20am (so early!) next Tuesday! So excited to meet my Mission President!

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