3 December 2013 – Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Everybody!

I don’t have a lot of time this week so I hope I can summarize the important things 🙂
One of our investigators has a baptism date for the second week of December. We are so excited for him and it is so inspiring to see him grow closer and closer towards Christ. The one thing that I love about the mission is teaching, its the best part!
We went to the temple as a zone last Tuesday, it was great 🙂 My companion suggested that I do a session with a specific question in mind and really try to ponder the question while in the temple. No, I did not have some grandiose revelation which I guess it is easy to think that is going to happen you are expecting to receive and answer. But I have really started to notice Heavenly Father answering my prayer especially this week. I cannot get enough of this experience, I keep thinking, how can it get better than this? I guess we will have to wait and see.
My companion and I received permission to go the Mickelson’s for thanksgiving!!! It was so much fun 🙂 and we were so happy to be welcomed into their wonderful home. We spent the day listening to Christmas music and helping with Christmas decorations. The food was wonderful and the company was perfect. Kathryn even helped us out the next day with a few of our appointments, it was fantastic :).
My companion has been assigned as my trainer and as such she gave me the opportunity to be Senior Companion for the day. It wasn’t so bad, I forgot to write down some of the addresses and forgot to initiate some prayers, but at least I didn’t kill anyone, right? hahaha It was a good reminder that I still have a lot to learn and it is hard to be on top of things all of the time! I am grateful for my companion and all that she does for me 🙂
We received a new companion yesterday! Her name is Sister King and she is from Hong Kong, well she was born in Minnesota, but she spent the last eight years in Hong Kong. She is waiting for her visa and until then she has been reassigned to the Utah Ogden Mission 🙂 When her visa does come she will be headed out to Taiwan speaking Mandarin. They might put our companionship over the Mandarin branch in Logan now and one of our investigators is Chinese so that will give her great practice!
We got together as a zone today because we are having a christmas talent show so we practiced a dance that we are going to perform as a zone for the rest of the mission. It was really fun, hard to get everyone focused, but still fun.
One thing that I have been pondering that I am grateful for is the chance to improve. The entire plan that Heavenly Father has set out for us is dependent on growth and improvement. We are all children of God and he has given the ultimate chance to become like him. He has even given us the guidelines on how we are to live our lives and has given us a fail proof plan for when we don’t follow those guidelines. I am grateful for this design and the ability that it gives us to get a little bit better day by day.
What are you grateful for?
Also if you feel comfortable sharing, how does the spirit talk to you? I am trying to get some other ideas about how to tell investigators that we receive spiritual confirmations in a variety of ways.
Sister Hadden

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